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BoardSource Trainings

Successful Nonprofits Rely on Successful Boards

All too often in a sincere effort to do the most good, nonprofit boards forget that the organization is a business, and that board members are its directors. BoardSource is a national organization of highly skilled nonprofit professionals who help boards operate effectively by providing trainings, publications, and other resources aimed at training professional, nonprofit board members.

Part of BoardSource’s work includes determining what community nonprofit board needs. To that end, they issue surveys, one of which revealed that board members often rate themselves poorly in the areas of fundraising, community relations, and board building.

To address these issues and promote quality board service in Wichita, the Junior League of Wichita has developed a series of board development training and consulting opportunities, orchestrated by our team of experienced, talented, and dedicated BoardSource Consultants.

The League’s BoardSource Consultants have years of volunteer and professional nonprofit board and management experience. Their combined community board activities represent over 65 boards and 375 years of service.

The League’s BoardSource Offerings

Whether you just want to learn about one area of board leadership or would like to consult with someone about evaluating your board’s training needs, the League is here to help.

The League’s BoardSource offerings include

  • Short, free training sessions on specific topics—like understanding nonprofit financials—that are offered to Junior League of Wichita members as well as their guests from the community;
  • Customized training for community nonprofit boards at very reasonable prices;
  • Consulting services for community nonprofit boards looking to evaluate what additional training and resources their board could benefit from; and
  • Collaborating with the Nonprofit Chamber of Service to provide Board University trainings.

The list below represents just a few of the League’s prior BoardSource trainings topics. If you think your board could benefit from a refresher, or initiation, to these topics, contact us today!

Training Topics

  • The Ten Principles of Board Governance
  • The Board’s Role in Resource Development
  • Structuring High Performance Boards
  • Understanding Nonprofit Financials
  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Creating Strong Board-Staff Partnerships
  • Board Building Cycle

Contact Us

To learn more about the League’s BoardSource offerings or request customized training for your board, contact the League’s BoardSource Coordinator, Jill Allison, at