The Junior League of Wichita operates under a form of policy governance and operations management.  Its Governing Board focuses on the longterm, such as a strategic plan, investment and funding strategies. The Management Team focuses on the day-to-day operations, which includes a work plan of what it hopes to accomplish within a 12-month year.

2022-2023 Board Of Directors

President – Cindy Hand

Executive Vice President – Mary Ayers

Secretary – Alyssa Scott

Treasurer – Brenda Dehn

Vice President of BPP – Kelly Goodson

Director of Nominating – Nikki Woods

Director at Large – Joymesia Lee

Director at Large – Vicky Rockhill

2022-2023 Management Team

Executive Vice President – Mary Ayers

VP of Community Impact – Danielle Lamb

VP of Finance – Amy Brown

VP of Fund Development – Haley Graeff

VP of External Marketing – Monica Burrus

VP of Internal Communications – Monica Burrus

VP of Membership – Jeanette Clement

VP of Training – Brooke Carpenter

Secretary – Maggie Lyons