Notable JLW Members

Sustainer of the Year

Sharol Rasberry has been married to Robert Rasberry for 43 years. She has two children, Kim and Bobby, and six grandchildren. A certified public accountant since 1970, Sharol serves as president of Capital Enterprises, Inc. and is a Pizza Hut franchisee.

Sharol has been a member of JLW for more than 25 years. During her time as an Active member, she served as Treasurer, Provisional Membership Chair, Planning Chair, Public Affairs Chair and Cookbook Co-Chair.

In addition to her work with JLW, Sharol is very active in the community. She currently serves as chair of the Wichita Community Foundation, treasurer of the Kansas Humane Society and board member of the Heartspring Foundation. In the past, Sharol has shared her time and talents with many civic and philanthropic organizations, including he Kansas Chapter of the American Red Cross, Wichita Area Girl Scout Council, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Sedgwick County, Fundamental Learning Center, Wichita YMCA, Wichita Collegiate School, Ronald McDonald House, Wichita Children’s Home, Wichita Development Corporation, Wichita Chamber of Commerce, and numerous others. In her free time, Sharol enjoys spending time with her family, skiing, SCUBA diving and traveling, especially to Colorado.

President's Award

Suzanne Vaupel received the 2012 President’s Award because of her commitment to the League selecting child abuse as its one issue of focus.

Vaupel joined the League in 2001, and she has held many placements, chairing two project committees and serving two years on the board of directors. For the last year, Vaupel served as community issue researcher, and in this position she researched to determine how the League might most effectively combat child abuse in Wichita.

“Suzanne is thoughtful and deliberate,” 2011-2012 President Katy Dorrah said. “She has analyzed the information on child abuse with intense passion. She has taken the task of understanding this information and explaining the complex matters to our membership, and it is truly like drinking out of a fire hydrant.”

Vaupel has been a large force in the League’s commitment to combating child abuse. She truly believes Junior League of Wichita can make a difference to area children.

“I know the League will make a difference in the area of child abuse because we have passionate, engaged members who want to see change in our community,” Vaupel said.

Although Vaupel will become a Sustainer next year after 10 years of service to the League, she will serve as the Sustaining advisor to Community Impact Council next year and continue to help the League with its new mission.

President's Award

Tamara Woods received the President’s Award in 2012 for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Tamara joined the League in 2001. Since that time she has served on the JLW board as Director of Community Impact, as well as in many other leadership positions. Her favorite placement was Project Development Chair, and during that year the committee developed The Gourmet Guy project with Judge Riddel’s Boys’ Ranch.

“I was proud of all three of our projects that year, but the Gourmet Guy was different than other projects that our League had focused on and made a difference to the boys we taught,” Tamara said.

During 2011-2012, Tamara served as Headquarters Chair, and in this position she oversaw the end of the headquarters renovation project, reviewed League contracts, and provided valuable insight on grant proposals. In addition, she was the first on call when problems arose at headquarters, which ranged from the alarm being set off to toilets overflowing.

“She has taken every request with grace and professionalism and served our League well in this and all of her placements,” 2011-2012 President Katy Dorrah said.

Although she is eligible to become a Sustainer next year, Tamara will remain Active and serve as the Agency Spokesperson on the Community Issue Research team and continue to help the League determine how to combat child abuse.

“As the League works to make a difference in the fight against child abuse, I am confident that we will find well researched, innovative solutions as we have with many projects in our rich history,” Tamara said.

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