Free Salary Negotiation Training

AAUW Work Smart in WICHITA Junior League of Wichita Work Smart is a grassroots salary negotiation workshop program provided in partnership with Martin Pringle, Westar/Evergy, Wichita Community Foundation, WSU Tech, and the American Association of University Women (AAUW). These FREE workshops teach women how to determine their market worth based on their skills, experience, performance,… Read More

Developing the Potential of Women

Part of our Mission is to develop our members’ leadership skills. Our members then apply these skills on boards and committees in a variety of fields all across our community.  

Join JLW

Membership in Junior League of Wichita is open to women ages 21 and older who express an interest in voluntarism. Those who make the decision to join spend a year as New Members while learning about community needs, volunteering, and getting acquainted with the organization’s projects. Junior League of Wichita offers: Fulfill financial obligation ($215*)… Read More

Legacy Endowment Fund

The Junior League of Wichita Legacy Endowment Fund was established in 2013 to ensure the sustainability of Junior League of Wichita. Earnings from this fund will be used exclusively for operating expenses. Honoring Our Past, Celebrating Our Present, Investing In Our Future Junior League of Wichita (JLW) was founded in January 1925 by a group… Read More

Community Outreach Endowment Fund

In 1989, Junior League of Wichita established the Community Outreach Endowment Fund with the purpose of addressing urgent, non-volunteer needs of area nonprofits in an efficient manner. Its purpose remains the same today. Junior League of Wichita’s community endowment fund grants are just one of the many ways Junior League of Wichita is making a… Read More

Other Opportunities to Support

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NEWS RELEASE – 6.30.2020

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Fifth Event

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

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Fourth Event

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