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Saturday Jun 03, 2017 12:30 PM
Saturday, Jun 03, 2017 04:30 PM

Kitchen Tours is Junior League of Wichita's annual home kitchen tour event. This year's event will feature stunning homes in Flint Hills National Residences. Attendees will have the opportunity to tour five beautiful homes. Tickets are also available for the first ever Kitchen Tours After Party, with food, drink, music and fun.

Kitchen Tours proceeds are reinvested into the Wichita community. For every dollar that Junior League of Wichita gives to the community, we also give our time. The objective of Kitchen Tours is to raise funds to fulfill Junior League of Wichita's mission. Currently, the League works with the community to combat child abuse through awareness, prevention and intervention.

After June 1st tickets will be available to purchase the day of the event (June 3rd) at 2230 Flint Hills National Pkwy.

Beautiful homes in the Flint Hills National neighborhood in Andover, Kansas.

Arbuckle, Kathy
Arbuckle, Kathy
Armstrong, Patty
Ayers, Mary
Ayers, Nancy
Behnken, Angela
Behnken, Jerry
Benton, Geneva
Benton, Kelsey
Berkeley, Nancy
Blain, Mary
Born, Ipek
Brammer, Nancy
Brandmeyer, Jill
Brandmeyer, Jim
Braselton, Andy
Brittian, Stephanie
Burgess, Cindy
Carnahan, Cindy
Carson, Kourtney
Cobb, Shauna
Cooper, Cheryl
Cox, Christy
Cutler, Danielle
Deuser, Debbie
Dondlinger, Sue
Dopps, Denise
Dye, Polly
Easton, Nicole
Ellis, Susan
Ellis, Susan
Elrick, Patti
Frailey, Deb
Frick, Judy
Guest #1 of 1, [Armstrong, Patty]
Guest #1 of 1, [Blain, Mary]
Guest #1 of 1, [Cox, Christy]
Guest #1 of 1, [Healy, Helen]
Guest #1 of 1, [Kromer, Susan]
Guest #1 of 1, [Patrick, Perrine]
Guest #1 of 1, [Yeager, Mary]
Guest #1 of 2, [Suhr, Jessica]
Guest #1 of 3, [Lindamood, Jamie]
Guest #1 of 3, [Schneider, Lily]
Guest #2 of 2, [Suhr, Jessica]
Guest #2 of 3, [Lindamood, Jamie]
Guest #2 of 3, [Schneider, Lily]
Guest #3 of 3, [Lindamood, Jamie]
Guest #3 of 3, [Schneider, Lily]
Healy, Emily
Healy, Helen
Healy, Helen
Healy, Helen
Healy, Helen
Healy, Justin
Hedges, Macey
Hensley , Katherine
Hensley, Dana
Hesse, Jane
Hollowell, Mary
Hund, Margy
Hynes, Martha
Jansson , Robin
Kice, Erin
Krehbiel, Betty
Kromer, Susan
Krumsick, Kathy
Lewis, Sara
Lewis, Taylor
Marcotte, Kendra
McGregor, Gaylyn
McNeil, Kathy
Mendenhall, Meredith
Nesbitt, Beth
Nichols, Amy
Nolan, Sheryl
olsen, paul
Olsen, terry
Patrick, Perrine
Perrier, Kelly
Perrier, Kelly
Ratcliffe, Shawn
Rockhill, Vicky
Rockhill, Vicky
Roddy, Laura
Rundle, Leah
Rundle, Leah
Schurman, Mary
Schwemmer, Deb
Sellers, Linda
Sellers, Linda
sorensen, harvey
Sorensen, Stephanie
Streich, Sara
Stubblefield, Tamica
Stucky, Josh
Stucky, Sarah
Suhr, Jessica
Trinchet, Kim
Triplett, Christie
VonFeldt, Hayden
Wallace, Nancy
Watson, Sue
Weller, Karolee
Wilbert, Jennifer
Winter, Amy
Yeager, Mary
Young, Shelley