Requesting a Donation of Goods

The Junior League of Wichita frequently receives requests for donation of goods.  These goods include but are not limited to donation of cookbooks and tickets to events such as Holiday Galleria and Kitchen Tours.  Requests are received from both internal League committees as well as external community organizations. 


When there is an internal or external request for donation of Junior League of Wichita goods the following procedure will be followed:

  • All requests for donation of goods will be made on the Junior League of Wichita Request for Goods Donation Form
  • The Request for Goods Donation Form will be submitted to the Chair of the Committee via email (Kitchen Tours/Cookbook - Nicole Easton,  Holiday Galleria - Julie Buth) by the 1st of each month.
  • The Committee Chair will then review and approve donation of goods requests. 
  • The Committee Chair will communicate the status of the request to the chair of the requesting council, committee or community organization

The requesting party will be responsible for the coordination of delivery of goods from the committee of which the request was made (i.e. Holiday Galleria, Kitchen Tours or Cookbook)

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