Centsable Girls

Throughout the 2007-2008 school year, elementary school girls became “Centsable Girls” by participating in a new project and partnership between Junior League of Wichita and Girl Scouts of the Heartland. Through the Centsable Girls project, girls learned about financial literacy and developed a foundation in saving and money management. At its completion, the project reached over 100 second- through fifth-grade girls who participate in Girl Scout activity centers in four Wichita elementary schools. Girls without a traditional troop received the opportunity to enjoy scouting experiences at the activity centers after school or over the lunch/recess period.

The Centsable Girls program consisted of six weekly presentation and activity sessions. For instance, third-grade girls at Colvin Elementary and second- and third-grade girls at Linwood Elementary completed several projects, including a pink take-out box piggy bank, an illusion penny necklace and a collage. Each activity corresponded with a lesson on saving and financial literacy. 

The session concluded with a shopping experience where the girls applied their newfound financial knowledge in a real-world setting. Each girl who participated earned $20 of Junior League bucks to spend in the Centsable Girls Store stocked by the Junior League Shop. The students enjoyed shopping through aisles of jewelry, handbags, nail polish, lip gloss and clothing. After making their selections, they headed to the cash register to count out their hard-earned dollars to pay for their purchases.

“These girls thoroughly enjoyed their shopping experience,” said Kimberly Haag, Junior League of Wichita Active member. “The best part was seeing them buy a few items for themselves and then buying gifts for family members or friends. ” 

As an added incentive, parents of the Linwood students were invited to attend the evening shopping party and participate in the fun with their daughters.

Junior League of Wichita members partnered with the Girl Scout staff throughout the year to lead the activity sessions. Utilizing the “Penny Project” curriculum for second- and third-grade girls, members taught the basics of identifying change and understanding what it means to save money. The fifth-grade girls worked with the “Centsability” curriculum to learn about the benefits of saving and managing money wisely.

February brought the start of the spring programs at Park and Horace Mann elementary schools. The fifth-grade girls at these two schools began their quest to learn about the importance of earning and saving money. The girls completed an illusion necklace project and an activity to help them gain an understanding of how they can make necklaces for friends as a way to earn money. After completing a worksheet to calculate cost, the girls discussed how to determine a profitable selling price for the necklace.

As an added benefit of participating in the project, the girls received a Girl Scout membership, allowing them to take advantage of the many programs and learning experiences the Girl Scouts of the Heartland has to offer.

“The Centsable Girls project offered an opportunity to connect with Girl Scouts at the elementary schools while providing them with some basic financial literacy,” said Audrey Hane, Junior League of Wichita Active member. “Hopefully, Junior League of Wichita has positively impacted the way these girls think about their financial decision making now, and in the future.”

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